Swedish Massage

Long, slow, gliding strokes lull you to relaxation and a state of pure tranquility. Light to medium pressure is applied.


30 minutes - $

45 minutes  -$

60 minutes - $

75 minutes - $

90 minutes - $

Therapeutic Body Work

A combination of massage techniques are used to manipulate soft tissue and bring pain relief for sore muscles and chronic conditions. We always work within your pain tolerance.


30 minutes - $

45 minutes - $ 

60 minutes - $ 

90 minutes - $


Pregnancy Massage



For the Mommy to Be - special positioning and extra special care to bring relaxation and relief to sore muscles.


30 minutes - $

60 minutes - $

75 minutes - $

90 minutes - $



Couples Massage and/or Facials

We welcome couples or friends to schedule massages or facials at the same time!  We do not have a treatment room large enough for two tables, but with advanced booking we may be able to accommodate  two rooms to be available at the same time. Advanced booking strongly suggested.

Ayurvedic Body Treatments

We offer a variety of Ayurvedic body treatments to help keep you feeling comfortable in your skin!  These treatments address a variety of physical and visual concerns.  Special certified organic formulas are used to emphasize detoxification, increase circulation, and to reduce sore joint and muscle pain.

Sea Salt or Sugar Scrub Exfoliation, followed by Sea Mud

Get glowing smooth skin with this wonderful treatment consisting of a sea salt or sugar scrub, sea mud mask and body butter massage.


Sore Joint & Muscle Relief Treatment

This treatment relieves pain and reduces inflammation in your joints. Great for those suffering from chronic pain, arthritis or fibromyalgia. Includes therapeutic massage, body mud, and lymph elixir. 



Weight Loss & Cellulite Reduction Treatment

In order to achieve the desired results of boosting metabolism, losing weight, inches, reducing cellulite and excess body fat, this treatment should be administered over a four week period two times a week. Perfect for the bride to be or anyone wanting to get ready for bikini wear. This treatment includes a light massage, body mud, steam canopy and cellulite treatment serum. (For those in the military - we include a body wrap around the abdomen and suggest this treatment be performed the day before a PT test)



Maximum Detox & Purification Treatment

Eliminate toxins in your body and boost metabolism. This treatment can be administered safely and consecutively for 3, 4, or 5 days, up to a maximum of 7 day treatments. As the pores open many toxins and impurities will automatically be eliminated from the body, thus achieving the desired results. This is a good treatment for those under a lot of stress and for athletes who accumulate excess lactic acid in the muscles. Steam Canopy is used.



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